Thursday, July 12, 2012

karatekittens: ninjacat sol smith's welcome to bb17 and spike

Ninjacats: Sol Smith welcome to Breakbrake 17 and Spike parts from Ninja Cats on Vimeo.
holy hell, how does my homie sol smith have ankles still? or knees? or a spine? if you didnt know, sol is a part of our bretheren, the legendary ninjacats crew. he's been on the bb17 and spike parts team for a minute, but now i guess it's "edit official"- man what an edit! rooftops, screaming, really really out there lines (like :47, i watched that one a couple times), and AHA's take on me comprise one of the best edit's i've seen in a second. do NOT tell me you started singing after a while...



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