Tuesday, June 5, 2012

freshly dropped: tyler johnson for COAL

Creative For COAL: Tyler Johnson from Tyler Johnson on Vimeo.
not gonna lie, i was definitely humming the song. tyler johnson puts out edits here and there, and now he's due for another- this time it's for coal headwear. there's no denying that tyler can ride, and it's crazy how he can thread small obstacles into radically complex lines. and no, these aren't 1 or 2 hit lines (well, when they are, they're crazy things like trucks and crazy pedal grinds), these are full on, tony hawk pro skater, legitimate lines. not only that, he can make small tricks into big ones- there's lines in there that are just manny's and nose manny's, but they look so dialed! in any case, watch this and i bet you'll want to throw your bike around after doing so.


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