Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sustainability: chris king's noble vision

(via pinkbike)
because i come from a university that stresses alot on sustainability, i'm intrigued by bicycle companies that hold the same standard. i recently came up on this little writeup by pinkbike about a purveyor of certain aluminum goods known as chris king (maybe you've heard of them) and their strive to become a sustainable company. you should check it out, no matter what you think about chris king components (believe me, sometimes i think very negatively about them), you should really check it out.



Eric Young said...

So, what makes you thing negatively about Chris King, sometimes?

bhsk said...

it's an enthusiast kind of thing, you know? the proprietary tools, the fact that it's really expensive.... takes away from the people who really like their products. then there's the people who believe the parts are all look and no fun (i'm not on that team, a buddy of mine has their hubs on his CX bike, they're AMAZING and SHINY) don't get me wrong, i would love to have some chris king stuff on my bikes. but the proprietary tools and hype surrounding the parts kind of takes away from what thy're really doing in terms of sustainability and stuff. 

if that makes any sense... maybe i'm just bitter for not buying that pink chris king headset when i had the chance. =]