Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wait till i get my cranks set right: ff power hour 8

ff power hour 8 from antonyoxxx on Vimeo.
the fixie factory is at it again, this time adding mike dinh from last times's line up of antonyo, oscar khan, and sean coats. i'm really liking how mike and sean are coming back to the forefront and though they may not have alot of the lime light as other riders, i believe they have unique riding styles that should be seen. sean's line of ET up 3 down needs to be respected, and mike's line at 3:26 is one of those lines that looks difficult and is really probably as difficult as it looks. then there's antonyo who's got that tech panache, and oscar who's got that oscar-ness. put it all together. take it all in.


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