Monday, May 14, 2012

months in the making: snow o'connell

Deal With it TV - Snow O' Connell from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.
because of my buddies andy, alberto, and nick koo, i hear nothing but "WAIT FOR THE SNOW EDIT. IT'S A GAME CHANGER." you know what? i completely agree. where i see FGFS going is faster and smoother stuff- snow does that. on big boy wheels (well, he's moved on, but in this he's on big boy wheels). and we're not talking about standard BMXesque stuff, there's ALOT of fixed specific tricks- THIS IS WHERE FGFS SHOULD BE GOING TOWARDS PEOPLE. this one is also not based in long beach or san jose- it's the east bay, where a good amount of talent is coming from lately. the riding from snow is hella creative- chain cruising? stair riding up and down- fakie even? WATCH THIS NOW. shouts to matt rice!


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Anonymous said...

Lovin those EEROS and them tricks, keep it up bro.