Monday, May 7, 2012

destroying just feels right: resurgence with phillip williams & the megalodon bars

Resurgence from Sam Clark on Vimeo.
and like that, we didnt see much of him. even though it's been a minute since we've seen a phillip williams edit, he still hasn't lost it. like always, he got with sam clark and made this one. i've seen a really big focus on creative lines recently and looks like phil picked up on that. call me strange, but that parking lot stair drop thing was ill.

also, phillip's megalodon bars by the fam at destroy are now available in their webstore. they share the same upsweep of 4 and backsweep of 11 as the 4.666 bars, but the megalodons kick it up with a 5.666" rise. they also come with the option for a drilled crossbar (which looks ill in person by the way). check it.


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