Tuesday, April 24, 2012

drive side out, literally: english cycles project right

(via english cycles
ive had the honor to see some english cycles creations at NAHBS earlier this year and one of  their builds that blew me away was their rigid 29er that weighed in at a little over 18 lbs. it was amazingly light, and i can attest to that having picked it up. then today i saw this on tracko, and it made an impression on me. i havent been a supported of  belt drive, but with the externally mounted belt drive, you dont need to sacrifice frame rigidity. you can see the rest of the build and story over here.


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Tinj said...

This thing is unbelievable, so many crazy details, the frame being entirely one sided, the awesome paint, the external cog, the ridiculously placed, internally routed, rear brake.  Like you said, minus the belt drive, I love it.