Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sticky post// GIVEAWAYYYY!: threadless bikes collection

i kinda announced this yesterday, but let's make it official. i was commissioned by threadless to throw a little post up for their new bike collection of tees, and bags. we're going to be doing a little week long contest/giveaway thing to celebrate the new line. i had a little epiphany on the bike ride to school today on what the rules would be:

1) visit the threadless bike collection, choose your favorite product.
2) comment on this post what your favorite product is.
3) with the comment, have a HAIKU ABOUT WHY YOU LIKE BIKES! yeah, buddy. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

this contest closes april 4th (whatever time i feel like) PST, so GET TO IT!



Goon said...

2) Don't Door Me shirt

3) Walking is too slow
Car traffic produces rage
Riding keeps me sane

William Loyd said...

Infinity MPG Tee

Ride the pain away
Dancing through the traffic quick
so simple and free

Kati J said...

I love the "Liquid Shot" Laptop case!

"Why I love bikes" by Kati J

every one distinct 
you can't catch me i'm too fast
joyful tears from speed


mutinous said...

the "don't door me" messenger bag is tight.  i live and ride in Vancouver so i'm well acquainted with jackass drivers.

Christopher Plaskett said...

I thought the Don't Door Me idea was fun, but the people who are looking in their mirrors before they open their doors aren't the problem. The Fix Yourself a Fixie is great commentary on the rampant rise of the fixed gear and how cookie cutter they've become, but you know, only if you take it that seriously.

Oh, little track bike
Impractical you may be
But damn are you fun

Andy said...


speed glorious speed
sweet indulgent wind through hair
i want to go fast

Setroc said...

Ride or die is my fav.

Cleaning my drivetrain.
I got grease all over my shirt.
Give me a new shirt.

will-gooden said...

Ride or die.....

i am the fastest
speed keeps me saner than sane
fixed gear is to blame

MATTR said...

Infinity MPG...

When you ride the EL
Sweaty necks up in your face
Biking is a breeze

NickS said...

Bolt ... cuz i already have Infinity MPG

Swear runs down my brow,
candace is unbelievable,
just another ride.

Manny said...

Don't Door Me Messenger bag

Riding track is fun
but street cruising is better
Sup'n sqrrls all day

espy said...

 ride or die

Four am, Racing
Through silent streets, I can feel
Serenity grow.

Codi Wong said...

i love the don't door me shirt!

bike in hawaii
ride to the beach everyday
chain gets rusty fast

Scott Smith said...


i ride it to go
go anywhere to ride it
ride on, my saviour

AL said...

Holy Roller!

Fire in my legs
Snow glued in my SPD
Fly like a bee



love you my bike
everything goes away with you
anywhere, always, everyday, now

resistealeau said...

Bicycles in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear Messenger Bagholy shit the hillfrom hell is outside my doorconquer it daily

Michael Slocombe said...

Don't Door Me Bag

I can't ride my girl
So I ride my bicycle
Uh, don't door me bro

Calli W said...

Bolt Shirt

Sunglasses, sunscreen
Riding through California:
Lets go to the beach

eyerum said...


biking is my way,
to escape, like the cold air. 

Theresa Janke said...

Bicycles in Mirror are Closer Than 

powered by my legs 
Gets me where I need to go
burns calories fast

Lynn said...

Missing's funny!

I had a red bike
Only ever road it down hill
what are pedals for?

Lynn said...

 take out "it"...

I had a red bike
Only ever road down hill
what are pedals for?

Abby Cadabra said...

Green Means Go!

gathering some speed
see that yellow coming up
damn i hate red lights

LargeHoops said...

Holly Roller

Do not drink and Driveyou will obtain a DUIPedal home safe

Fiona Eastmond said...

Fly Fast Forever - lovely colour subtle design.

ride winding roads home
sunset teases the clouds with
recycled colours

TheeKeeper said...

My favorite is the Infinity MPG tee shirt!

Bikes are really great
They are good for Mother Earth
They keep you fit, too!

jake said...

Animals With Eyepatches! Yes! Messenger bag 

Messenger in need

Cute animals indeed

bikes pets all i need

Jessie Burke said...

The "Bolt" t-shirt is my fav.

Bike rides are always
Empowering my future
Inspiring hope

Andrew Steger said...

Mapped Out

the asphalt rhythm
treading swiftly through the streets
like my pounding heart.

Hallie said...

Ninja Rider 

I ride with the wind
circumstantial insect air
this bike is my lungs

George H. said...

Product- Ride or Die threadless zip hoodie
This is why we ride
For the love of the get go
I am not alone

cezar lapid said...

Bicycles in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear by Justin Bawinkel messenger bag.

telling jokes and spinning spokes (from the trafik documentary)

Going fast no rules

double aerospokes, for fools

Can't leave without tools

By Cezar Lapid 

Todd said...

ride or die / fly free
Cyclist writes screenplay
plot features bike lane drama
how pedestrian

+found in Tribeca+