Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feb-review-ary: 170 eighthinch freestyle cranks

this one is going to be considerably shorter than the others solely based on the fact that these are a no-nonsense part.  i was previously running demolition medial 2.0's before this and because i'm a skid happy kid, i torque the crap out of cranks. combined with the fact that i run tires that like to grip and 48 splined bmx cranks have the majority of torque stress on the center/spindle, i've gone through a spindle or two. over time, the cranks became loose every 2 weeks which was really really frustrating. at SF bike expo, i hooked up with eighthinch and they gave me these 170mm freestyle cranks as a replacement. get the run down after the jump.

i know i'm biased because eighthinch helps me out alot, but lets be coy here- people think since these cranks are so "cheap" that they cant take that much abuse as their competition. fact of the matter is, there really isnt that much difference in terms of construction and they're meant to be abused. anyway, i found this inexpensive alternative to be more than enough for a guy like me. they're made of heat treated 4130, so they can take a hit- what caught me off guard was that these actually felt lighter than my 165 demo's. i opted for the 170's so the feel of my drive train felt weird for a couple weeks, but when i got used to it, it felt like a new bike. all in all, they just get the job done. no frills, no gimmicks; it's a solid part that just so happens to be really affordable.



Daniel James Deveraux said...

If you're tearing up parts that often, ditch the imported knock-off splined cranks and pick up a set Profiles.  Can't beat the original. 

bhsk said...

i'm not gonna disagree with you because profiles are profiles, but these are pretty good as an alternative for those strapped for cash- you know?