Thursday, January 12, 2012

the non-compliant: blk mrkt edit1

(via blkmrkt)
amongst the shift in older companies moving their production overseas, there's an apparent shift of smaller companies moving towards the opposite direction. one of the companies that i'm really psyched to see some american product made is blkmrkt bikes. they shouldnt be a new name to you because even though they're rooted in dirt jump MTB, they also have a foot in FGFS as well. here's what they had to say about the difficulties of american frame building:

"Since the day we stopped producing Mobs with S&M getting an American Made frame had become my quest. I had no idea the issues I would face in having frames made here versus Taiwan other than price and material availability. Everything from builders wanting $400.00+ to weld a frame, to incorrect angles and mis-aligned frames or just not returning phone calls for months. What's the deal with manufacturing here? Why is it so difficult to do here, what gets done overseas in days... and done correctly the first time? The U.S.A. was good at this shit at one point... Henry Ford wrote the book on manufacturing didn't he? That's what I miss about S&M... Chris and Jason have built a manufacturing shop in the states that can build quality straight and true frames the first time. Props to them for that..."

you can see more and get the details over here! and always support american made stuff!


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