Thursday, January 12, 2012

the damage: corey san augustin in the hospital

(via prolly)
if you didnt know, a good part of so cal is over in austin, texas ripping it up. today it took a pretty nasty turn for corey while riding in san marcos; here's the details from john:

"Today, while we were riding in San Marcos, Corey hit this rail gap to firecracker. He wasn't happy with the first run, so he hit it again, but this time he clipped it, sending him over the bars and 8' down to the sidewalk. We thought the biggest problem was his split chin, which we fixed but we were wrong.
I'm heading out the door to the ER, where Corey has internal bleeding of the liver. Please, I don't care how religious you are, pray for him. I feel horrible right now but we need to back him and there's no harm in some positive energy."

that's serious right there. we hope corey's condition gets better, as well as a speedy recovery.


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