Tuesday, January 3, 2012

maxed out bike control: zlog crew, year in review

ZLOG Crew-Year In Review from chris clappe on Vimeo.
i was listening to this song earlier today and had the craziest deja vu hearing it again. the zlog crew of zach, chris  clappe, j. ruff and tyler have had what seems to be a really active year and this one chronicles all of that. you cant deny that one of the biggest surprises of the year was johnson's move to 26", and this one has him on both! random clips of weird peole, solid riding, and one of the best examples of bike control at the end round up a really good one from the guys that hold down seattle.



chris clappe said...

And Jacob Ruff. 

chris clappe said...

Thanks for posting dude

bhsk said...

knew i was forgetting someone... i couldn't remember who was running the bb17.... thanks for the heads up!