Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new bike, new orbital period of earth revolving around sun: wheeltalk pfix giveaway

(via wheeltalk)
the guys at wheeltalk are doing a giveaway that involves one of the more sought after fgfs machines on the market to date. that's right, the specialized pfix. the rules are simple: head over to the post wheeltalk did about the giveaway before the january 31 and leave a comment. but make sure it's a good one because there's over 200 entries thus far- some of them.... not so convincing. pretty sure "because i ride 700c and i want to ride 26in" or "because my parents bought me a stupid leader" or "because i ride a conversion" are not good enough or very convincing either.... so my advice: go out there and make it count.

i'm actually very temped to go out and respond to some of these. "because i'm fat"? come on....


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