Thursday, January 12, 2012

the coincidental: LDG 700c complete

(via LDG)
if you pay attention to the BHSK twitter, then you know that i very may well have one of these coming my way. this one's been in the woodworks for a really really long time (as in summer 2011), i dont think anything has changed from the early setup to this. though i have a frame, fork and drivetrain heading my way, the complete complete is actually really refined in terms of a whole bike. it includes:

"• Frame & Fork: LDG 700c Complete Frame + Fork
• Dropouts: LDG Allen Hardware Dropout System
• Headset: LDG 1-1/8" Integrated
• Crankset: LDG CNC Crank Arms w/ CNC Chainring
• Chain: Half-Link Chain
• Cog: LDG 7075-T6 Full CNC Aluminum Cog
• Stem: Easton EC30
• Handlebars: LDG Aluminum Riser Bar MK2
• Grips: LDG Cross Rib Grip
• Seatpost: Easton EC30
• Saddle: LDG Standard Saddle
• Pedals: LDG Standard Track Pedals
• Toe Clips: LDG Single Toe Cages
• Toe Straps: LDG Single Toe Straps
• Wheelset: LDG CNC'd Front + Rear Hub, Black Outer Hoops, Black Spoke Nipples, Black Spokes

for around $750, that's damn good especially considering it runs their 6 bolt hub, their classic looking cnc crankarms and chainring, and some easton steez in there. as for me, i'm hyped to see the integrated seatpost collar and dropout system. you'll be seeing her soon hopefully built up with the help of some friends. =]

if you're looking to get one, head over to LDG and get to it!


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