Wednesday, January 11, 2012

and there goes the jaws: gabe vs the drop

(via wheeltalk)
okay, young gabe is the man. we know that he will do some intense stuff like that huge drop joe initially did at CCP. there's been alot of talk from the grime camp about gabe, especially about this sizeable drop. here's what matt reyes had to say about this:

"Here’s a screen shot I pulled last weekend of Ed giving 14 year old Gabe Alcantara some last minute advice before riding down this beast of a drop. He drew up quite the crowd during the time he spent on top the building, sizing up the drop. Cars, bikers, pedestrians all stopped and pulled out their iPhones, iPads, and cameras to record Gabe ride off this shit. We began to draw a pretty substantial crowd of on lookers until the inevitable Police Car rolled up on the spot. It was now or never, so Gabe gave it one final crank and hurled himself off the bank to drop."

holy shit man. makes you really want to see what comes out of this one....


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