Tuesday, December 13, 2011

unlikely bedfellows: louis vuitton polo bike

(via arkitip)
lets get this straight, i was reluctant to post this and had good reason to be reluctant. louis vuitton is the last thing you would think about if you thought about bike polo, and lets be honest- a bike polo setup is supposed to get jacked up, and italian leather isnt the best in that regard. still, you cant argue that whoever was in charge of this project did some homework. i'm a sucker for detail, and it's pretty much all here in terms of that. you cant tell me you wouldnt want to rock that chainwheel... you can learn more about how this came to fruition and see more of the bike here.




holy shit haha/// no one should ever even ride this TO a bike polo match

bhsk said...

gotta admit though, 1) someone actually did some homework, and 2) i seriously would rock that chainwheel.