Friday, December 23, 2011

someone take me home: mayfair park

Mayfair from Matthew Montoya on Vimeo.
i technically havent been back to san jose since i pretty much got on a plane once i returned from chico. i know i'm supposed to be in "vaction" mode but all i want to do is ride my damn bicycle. it isnt helping when i see an edit of matt, mike schmitt, wonka and blanco hitting up mayfair AKA red park. damnnnn.... blanco's lines are on point (particularly that first one as well as the one that started with a 3), matt's fakie everything is on point. mikes feeble, nose tap feeble as well as x up feeb down the ledge was on point, and wonka's stuff going up the ledge was on point.

the gist of all this would be: i miss home, everyone is on point.


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