Friday, December 23, 2011

doop rrop: elliot milner

December (solo webby) from elliott Milner on Vimeo.
elliot milner is a rider for RYD bikes. this is pretty nuts right here. lots of stuff going on here, and elliot's got a really impressive bag of tricks ranging from some techy grinds to some simple big ass boosts and drops.. that hitter at the end is hella big.

ok, i want to be honest here- that bike is too damn small and it's bothering the shit out of me. there has to be a point when a FGFS bike isnt an FGFS bike anymore just a big bmx with a fixed drivetrain strapped to your feet like a wakeboard. i'm not taking it out on elliot- he's a very skilled and talented rider and i've seen the dude ride at summerfix. hell, he practically stole the cameratime from the other ams. but damn. that's a small ass bike... please tell me i'm not alone here...


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