Wednesday, December 21, 2011

big red in black and white:josh hayes for rec fail

(via rec fail)
everyone who's watched macaframa knows that josh hayes had the last run in the movie, and every knows that the man is a locomotive on a bike. when velocult went to sf bike expo, they had his pink frame for sale (the one that was in the movie)- i want that thing so bad. in any case, matt lingo caught up with josh and took some stellar photos of him weaving through traffic. to say the dude is an inspiration is an understatement. here's a little clip of what matt had to say:

"I can honestly say I’ve never shot anyone who rides as aggressively in traffic as Josh does, or seen anyone agree to ride down the wrong way on a one way street on a hill as quickly. We’re already plotting out our next shoot, so you can look forward to more of Josh in the future."

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