Tuesday, November 8, 2011

under the radar: LDG splined sprocket

(via LDG)
so yeah. i did a quick search and it looks like no one else picked up on this- it's kind of hard to keep track of LDG because they dont have an RSS feed on their blog. luckily i cruised on over to find this one... though it's only in the testing phases, LDG is working on a splined freestyle sprocket. they'l be made out of 7075 heat treated aluminum and will be coated with miliatry spec HARD anodization. they'll be available in 25, 27,  33, and 36 tooth offerings. kinda looks like the madera helm- not a bad thing, because i wish they made that in a bigger tooth count... thing looks badass. look for it being available in the upcoming month or so!


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