Saturday, November 19, 2011

protoprotoproto: nikko jow's xlife prototype

the homie nikko just posted these up on his facbook and i have to say i'm impressed. the xlife scorpio may not be a household name, but it's still a pretty impressive contender in the FGFS sector. this protoincludes changes such as the "'nago" style downtube, as well as the additional nifty grind gussets (production version only has bb grind gussets). you can see some builds over here at xlife.



Michael Slocombe said...

Grime GOAT yellow/green. Couldn't they of picked another color?

bhsk said...

yeah i'm with you on that one, sulfur yellow only brings up comparisons to the GOAT... didnt know what they were thinking on that one, but everything else looks well thought out...