Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pretty much that's how it'll look like: firefly monstercross

(via prolly)
i know i can possibly get shitted on for taking prolly's post, but this thing is worth the hate. you know how i like realllllly stupid single purpose vehicles and this is more or less the vision of what i want my next bike to be, only singlespeed (or maybe fixed) like the amaro bikes version. but this firefly monstercross, knowing it's from firefly, it's either ti or stainless and nothing less. that's intense. pair it with the huge ass maxxis 26 x 2.5 hookworms, some chris king hubs and you have a bike that i'm straight googly eyed for..... you can see the rest of the set over here and go like firefly cycles over there.

ps. i'm pretty sure that's an older paul derailleur.


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