Tuesday, November 22, 2011

depends on what dingle means: eighthinch scrambler dinglespeed

(via eighthinch)
forgive me right now, i'm on an "other people's awesome builds" run. this one fits that description pretty well.

"Aaron and his Scrambler have been going strong for over 2 years now but eventually there comes time for a change. Instead of moving to a new bike Aaron thought it would be best to give his Scrambler a bit of a makeover. He kept me posted as he stripped it down, gave it a new gloss black paint coat, and put on some nice upgrades. The addition of a chain tensioner and double crankset gives the bike that extra bit of versatility. Keep it in the big ring when you are on the streets or drop it down to the small ring when you hit hills or trails."

the definintion of dinglespeed isnt very clear but the concensus is a bike that has mechanically more than one gear but for all intensive purposes is a singlespeed. this is actually quite clean and doesnt look that hard to do. i'm impressed and it the and result looks pretty spectacular... dinglespeed tracklocross. that should catch on right? check out aaron's blog here too.

i see a paul melvin tensioner!


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