Monday, November 7, 2011

the opposite of what everyone is doing: velocity's announcement

(via velocity usa)
it's no secret that the rim of choice for fixed riders around the world is velocity, and people have associated the brand with the fact that the rims are made out in australia as seen on their infamous sticker. today, there's been an announcement that will shake the entire cycling world:

"Brothers and partners, Tom and John Black will begin manufacturing rims in Jacksonville, Florida in February 2012. Currently, all Velocity rims are made in Australia, and production will cease in Brisbane by the end of November.

Tom Black, the founder of Velocity, will be relocating from Australia to Florida where he will continue to oversee rim production at Velocity’s new manufacturing factory. Velocity’s distribution center will continue to operate out of Grand Rapids, Michigan as it has since 1992 and become their worldwide headquarters; with the Australian facility remaining as a distribution center for the Asian and Australian markets.

Velocity will be the only U.S. produced aluminum rim in the cycling industry. John Black, president of Velocity Worldwide, Inc., anticipates this to further propel the company as a leader in quality, ingenuity and customization customers have come to love and expect from Velocity.

that's some pretty awesome and heavy stuff. question is, will the sticker change?



Sammy P said...

As an Aussie I'm not sure how i feel about this......

Type3john said...

I'd bet the sticker will change. The market for NOS aussie velocity rims will explode. I'm just wondering about the quality. I've loved every wheelset I've ever made with velocity rims.

bhsk said...

type3john: i agree with the whole NOS aussie rims blowing up in coolness, and i too love my chukkers. knowing velocity, they have a road ahead of them and i'm sure they wont let their quality slip during the move.

sammy: it's kind of an on the fence thing for me- one of the cool things about velocity was the fact that they were made somewhere that wasnt in asia, wasnt in the US, but in australia. i know i'm on a rampage for loving US made stuff, but australia is awesome. you guys have holden, ford falcon xb's, i killed the prom queen, and every damn thing that is awesome to me... moving production to the US is just taking away an awesome thing from aussies. kind of bittersweet my friend....