Sunday, November 6, 2011

sticky- 4th annual chico fixed gear competition and alleycat race.

whenever people around here see me around they ask me when the next local comp is. well, here's your answer. this our fouth year running, my third year working on local competitions and it's going to be a chill one. events will include trackstands, boomerang sprints, a drag race, footdown*, long skid, freestyle, and if i can get a setup- bunnyhops. we have fyxation, retrogression and eighthinch supplying some prizes too!

we've had a bit of bad luck in terms of alleycat races so i'm going to make it a photo scavenger hunt- so if you want to participate, you should bring something that can take photos. be sure to get out to the facebook page so i can get a head count!


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