Tuesday, September 6, 2011

add another post: cinelli laser closer

(via pristine)
i cant get enough of this machine. here's what pristine had to say:

"Antonio Colombo together with Paolo Erzegovesi engineerd and thought of this new model. Emilvano Montorio (Who built the first Cinelli Lasers) build this one as well and is in charge of production. They will be available on order only and there is no limit set to the production. When I asked how long it would take to build one Cinelli replied, Emilvano could build two a month. So people, it could be a long wait but don’t be fooled, not many have the cash to get one of these beauties. Frame and fork will retail at 4999,- Euro. Yes, that’s just above 7000 US Dollars. You gotta pay the price if you want something special."

7 grand can get you a used car. or one of these. if faced with with the choice, i would get a laser. it wouldnt even be a damn argument. it would definitely be a laser.


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