Friday, August 19, 2011

needs and wants: spike parts 14mm female hubset & guard

(via BB17)
this is a mess of names and descriptors that is bound to make some one cry- BreakBrake17's parts are now going to be under the "spike parts"  moniker, and this is the spike 14mm female axle hub and hub guard. for one, it doesnt look like the other 14mm options out there and it utilizes female axles all around. it will be available in 36 hole only and come in black, gunmetal, and red. as a smooth pairing, the hubguard is even with the flanges of the hub. that one will come in black and red.

i'm really digging how unique these things look and how well they pair up... however, does anyone see some resemblance in the spike "s" and the "s" of another company? maybe i'm crazy. looks similar, just saying.


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