Monday, July 18, 2011

ay, yo: torey thornton, welcome to BB17

Torey Thornton Welcome To BB17 from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.
looks like torey's been staking some footy for this one which is for bb17. i dont have to go out and say this again, but i will- torey is my favorite rider out there. its not just because his bike is super dialed, it's because he will ride over, under, and  through stuff that looks unrideable. i really want to learn how to do what he did at 1:00- i can watch that shit all day...



Gizmo said...

dawg your description for this video was much more interesting than prolly's or zlog dude. I feel you tho, those barbs he hops through is asking for one through the ribs. or tetanus.

bhsk said...

hahaha thanks giz, i try to do my best. but yeah i've been a huge fan of torey for a long ass time and it still astounds me when i see the dude roll trough shit that shouldnt be rode on.