Monday, July 18, 2011

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: shane's TTIGERBLOOD stolen in venice beach.

if youre on twitter than you may have noticed that i had alot going about shane's custom destroy ttigerblood being stolen in venice beach, well i wanted to re-up the photos i had. it was last seen in santa monica and has really defined features like the upsidedown crosses on the dropouts, a TT cutout on the gusset, and negative BB on a 700c  bike (think about it, there's not alot of them out there). also, it's built for a guy that's 6'5" and doesnt fit alot of people please keep posted and reblog. we have to get the ttigerblood back home to the bay. contact me if you have any leads or information.

scumbag bicycle thief is boutta get murked.


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