Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this time, dont fight the power: eighthinch power to the people giveaway

(via eighthinch)
seriously, this is why i like eighthinch. with this, they are practically giving you stuff. here's the deal:

go to your LBS that doesnt carry eighthinch (but should). get them to become an authorized dealer and have them place their first order. then, reap the rewards- you get a v3 scrambler frameset, and your LBS gets $50 towards their order. why is this cool? you dont have to say "i got that online" to certain things and feel like youre taking away from the local shop (if you dont feel that way, then you should feel like your soul is being crushed) AND they have alot of stuff coming out the rest of this year..

go to eighthinch to get all the details and stuff because my explaination only gets the big parts.


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