Tuesday, June 21, 2011

mercado negro: blk mrkt fixed in japan

i'm hyped up for the blk mrkt 2011 line to hit the states and i heard that dealers under BTI will be extremely pleased to see that they hit the distributor. however, the people of japan are ahead of us on the priority list and builds are going to slowly pop up.

(via TKC)
first up is the street fiend which i found over at TKC productions. weighing in at a little under 24 lbs isnt that bad considering most of the heft is from the parts. looks like this version is a bigger frame than the one we've seen judging by the seat tube. and it's donning the much anticipated molly hatchet bars as well as the revised 22.2 underboss stem.

(via shiokaze)
the guys at the shiokaze store have built up an nsf- again donning the 3 inch, uncut, molly hatchet bars with the revised underboss stem. this 700c specific frame was built with 47c tires which fit pretty snug and i'm sure 50c's can squeeze between the stays. also on this bike is the 40oz fork, the 414 a to c contender. the shiokaze guys are going to build up a street fiend next and i'm anxiously waiting to see it....

those molly hatchet bars are sick....


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