Tuesday, June 21, 2011

some racin': Hellyer's Testarossa Challenge

(via imd)
"Hellyer Velodrome’s annual Testarossa Velodrome Challenge is right around the corner and iMiNUSD is a big part of the event this year. iMiNUSD is in charge of putting together Saturday night’s party at the Velodrome with the help of Tied House coming through with free “drinks”. There will be world class national champions racing to get a chunk of the $16,000 cash prize. Do not miss this event. JULY 1-2nd @Hellyer Velodrome."

damn, that's alot of money- $16,000 on the line? shoo.... get the details here, and i'll see you at the track. looks like an epic time, and some wold class shit is about to go down.


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