Thursday, June 23, 2011

gettin busy with zlog, dog: zlog 3 year anniversary, vader shades

(via zlog)
wow, i think i started BHSK 3 months after zlog popped up. that's actually kinda cool. so from me and alot of other people, congrats dude. to celebrate this, they discounted some stuff in the zlog boutique. support this dude! gonna be honest, a good amount of my traffic comes from zach and guys.

the guys also put up these shades this morning dubbed the vader. you know you buy cheap ass shades every summer, so why not get these. they come with a nifty pouch so you can put your shades in them... or whatever you can think of while repping zlog. but it is limited so get at it now.


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Jamie McKeon said...

copped the shades. stocked.