Monday, May 30, 2011

wins and losses: charge plug 2012

(via breakneck)
the guys at breakneck made their way to london to see the gumball 3000 ralley pass through. they got a treat when charge announced that their 2012 line was up in some store in the city. one of the things they came across was the new version of the charge plug. i can dig the old school: quill stem, brown leather seat and bar treatment, retro cranks, paired with polished wheels (you know how much i love polished wheels). but.... anyone want to tell me what's going on with the wheelbase? that front wheel looks like it's running away from the frame.... kinda makes it look like a conversion or something. someone please tell me that's just the angle of the handlebars or how the photo was taken... because that's not a very good look in my opinon.


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