Monday, May 9, 2011

uh... : UVT x vince felix

(via hypebeast)
"With a strong cultural following and arguably the best all around fixed freestyle team, clothing line Us Versus Them has added to their growing list of bike-centric collaborative projects with the release of these leather foot straps. Handcrafted by Vince Felix in Ventura, CA exclusively for UVT, the project came about organically, building from an appreciation of Vince’s work. An ex-pro surfer turned fireman, he was involved in a crash while riding his motorcycle that left his leg shattered. This prevented him from working as a firefighter any longer and necessity called on him to turn his passion for pinstriping and interest in leather-working into a full time trade. UVT’s James Banuelos traveled to Ventura to find the right leather and hardware for the design, which Vince took and crafted into his signature strap design. Only 40 pairs are available exclusively at, offered in three different colors."

gonna be honest- not really a fan. i'm a guy that loves ugly yet uber-functional stuff, and this is... not... sorry.... i mean, the thing came off hypebeast man....


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