Sunday, May 29, 2011

SWOO!: constant revolution shirt

(via constant revolution)
along with going hard on a bike, our homie north of the border also has a blog. you should read it. this was in my stack of stuff i need to post, and right as i was getting to it, he sends me an IM through facebook- dude is psychic, and he rides hard, and he has a blog. that's talent son. he also has this really cool shirt that explains in 5 different illustrations the evolution of fixed freestyle:

"So here's the story behind this shirt/Constant Revolution. I've been a part of the fgfs community for quite some time now, and I've been through the countless changes in fgfs along with many others. I feel like every time there's been a big change, it's been a huge revolution. We started off with track bikes and the general population looked down upon any bmx parts on these bikes. Likewise with fat tires and 26" wheels.

The bikes we ride and the types of tricks we do have changed a great deal due to these constant revolutions. Hence the name: Constant Revolution.

youre missing the return to fast bike in the end...hahahaha! good stuff dude!

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