Sunday, May 29, 2011

local locals: ube urban for ideum and MTV

(via ideum)
lots of stuff coming from our friend in sf! the ice cream shop teamed up with local apparel dudes ideum to make this pretty cool shirt featuring ube's very recognizable art. and it's ube's scurple purple! scoop it here.

if you havent heard, ube's been on MTV for the get yourself tested campaign. for that, he painted up this frame (which is a complete bike now) to give away at these 3 MTV convert event things. that's pretty rad, and it's for a desperately overlooked cause- really, you should be on this cause.

by the way... this has absolutely nothing to do with anything but the fact that ube's work is damn awesome. you can still see the carbon weave under the scurple... that's intense. go support ube and get your bike painted.

wonder how raw looks like with pearl.... 


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