Monday, May 9, 2011

pfix coming really soon.

(via slum)
matt just posted up pics of what will likely be the production model PFIX. i'm on the fence with headtube cutouts partly because they suck if you leave them in the rain. seeing the wheeltalk crew and the pfix bikes really psyched me on the release. it's been a long time coming for the PFIX, and preorders are being taken by iMD now. the ETA is still unclear but it will MSRP for around 8 bills the frame and fork.

gonzo just informed me that this bike will be selling as a complete. now i'm wondering if the components can be bought separately later on- the 9t hub and the chainwheel are on my want list...



Colin Gonzo Cable said...

$800 complete. Not just frame and fork. That's why there is the lag. Being released as complete bike only status quo.

bhsk said...

oh sweet! i was about to say... 8 bills is kinda steep! thanks for the clarification. do you know if the components can be bought separately (eventually)? because that chainwheel would look really good on my bike... hahaha!