Tuesday, May 10, 2011

collect them all: hold fast for chari, eighthinch, rwanda, and bike advocacy

while i wasnt looking and busy posting my redbull coverage,  holdfast has been up and running with scissors (well that's how i imagine how these are made). let's take a looksie:

(via chari)
first up is the mondrian inspired straps for chari & co. of course they're a nod to bernard hinault & lemond donning jerseys of the mondrian livery, which i find kind of funny considering the primary use of this style of FRS is for fixed gear use (though i have seen some actual dudes run these as a secondary FRS on track). it would be awesome if these made their way onto  a mondrian LOOK... regardless, i like mondrian art and chari always knows how to get to me... get these ones here.

(via eighthinch)
eighthinch is making some moves this year- first the butcher, then the bueller wheelset, and now a collabo with holdfast. these arent availible just yet, but they will be soon: as an addon for the butcher complete as well as individually.

(via fyxation)
fyxation is supporting an initiative to promote bicycle advocacy. they created a line along with rickshaw bagworks, and holdfast that was made to support groups that advocate city cycling. from not until june 30th, 25% of the profits will go to the alliance for biking and walking. buy something before the end of the month, and you will also get the change to get a whole bunch of swag. get them here!

(via tracko)
tracko stumbled upon these at pedalr (which by the way, is an awesome website co-founded by our buddy souphourse). the cause is "bikes to rwanda" and here's what they have to say:

"The kind folks at Hold Fast have taken some fabric we brought back from Rwanda and have made this limited edition version of their iconic FRS.

FRS sales benefit Bikes To Rwanda’s programs supporting Rwandans looking to reclaim their lives and rebuild their communities through coffee farming

good looking straps, great cause.

holdfast be doing work!


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