Sunday, May 1, 2011

hard on the testicles: GWN vol.1

Great White North Vol.1 from Great White North on Vimeo.

i knew a bunch of dudes were going to wear a ttv shirt yesterday so i opted to rep GWN at the redbull comp. yeah, that was me. the snow is gone and now the dudes are up and running... with scissors. this edit is with Denis Bejtic, Malcolm Halley, SWOOOOOO, Hazen Wilcox, and Finn Zygowski. old school stuff, ripping, jerking, limos, silly chair tricks, swoo slappin, dirty mags, talk about testicles, and fisheye fisheye fisheye! lot of stuff crammed in less than 2 minutes. i hella love GWN.


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