Monday, May 30, 2011

boo, you suck: bates crates vs urban outfitters

(via bates crates and urbanvelo respectively)
i just would like to pass this around to remind everyone that urban outfitters is a place where no one should shop. bates crates is an establishment hell bent on providing the best handcrafted, american made porter crates possible. hell, they even have cupholders. recently urban outfitters shows up with this $40 alternative... which looks exactly the same in terms of structure.

i'm not a rocket scientist, but i'm pretty sure that's messed up. according to urbanvelo (and personal knowledge, urban outfitters is no stranger to stealing other people's stuff. seriously, bate's version is way more badass and taking the design (all the way down to the cupholder) is angering to say the least. this form of imitation not only rips a great design from someone, it also takes away someone's way of living.

that's messed up.

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