Thursday, March 17, 2011

people still skid?: schwalbe durano skid tire

(via schwalbe)
the title is a little misleading- i'm a heavy skidder with moderately sized tires. i endulge in checking where my bike is by doing little tire hops and those who have seem me ride know that i'm rear wheel abuser. in any case, i like skids- just not stupid skids... effective skids or what-have-you. i'm surprised that tire companies still care about this issue since the fgfs boom where people are going to bigger tires. lets face it, vittoria and sometimes soma have the skidder's market pretty much covered. schwalbe is trying to come in with a more durable/friction inducing compound, as well as a different tread that will apparently make a difference. am i buying it? no. for one it's a folding tire- no long lasting, strong tire has ever been a folding tire. ever. in addition to that, it only comes in 25c. that's good for those who dont like running 28c vittorias; but then again vittoria randos are the best and tried, true, tested.

i dont think this is going to be much competition...


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