Thursday, March 17, 2011

histogram-o-rama: 2011 mashinelli

(via mash)
okay, the mashinelli frame is one of the most coveted frames out there. someone described to me that it's like apple products- as soon as youve saved up for one and ordered it, the next colorway comes around. the histogram livery has been running since late last year, and now it makes its way onto the mashinelli. like always, cinelli utilizes columbus airplane tubing, but i believe it's now in a more aggressive shape than the previous model. seems cool, until you get to the price- $925? is that US? DAAAAAMN dude, that's pretty steep for just a frame. for that money, someone can buy a handmade frame. for that money, someone can get something NJS. hell for that money, you can buy a decent complete. last time i remember, this "sport" or whatever was based on shoddy vehicles, this is a little too steep for the dudes who really are in it.

it's like the toyota supra/mazda rx7 of the fixed world, if you can understand the analogy.


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