Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new zealand's got game: CGK at hipster 100

(via CGK)
the hipster 100 is a race held in hamilton, new zealand. if you didnt know, new zealand's got a grip of insanely nice bikes that will make your eyes bleed from all the "proper" going on. take that first photo for example. so much crabon (yes, intentionally spelled that way for reasons you should know, but probably dont), radial laced phil wood setup, a disc, some campy for good measure- you know how it is. to see more of this incredibleness head over to the CGK, and get ready for your brain to melt from all the "proper"



Baxter said...

Hey there,
Baxter (the guy in the first picture)from the CGK here.
Thanks for the plug, your blog is rad! Keep up the good work!
Also, keep checking back on the blog, we have a couple of new bike checks going up soon and I am relacing my Mash Phil Wood hubs to something new...

bhsk said...

dude no problem! i'm a huge fan of CGK! cant wait to see more from you dudes. =]