Tuesday, March 15, 2011

different, but the same: bb17 charmer 700c "conception"

so what's this? it looks like a normal production bb17 charmer. oh but it is not. let's take a closer look shall we?

(via bb17 flickr)
this is what i think will be the precedence to the next gen bb17 charmer in 700c. if you take a look you can see the tubeing is tapered out, giving the frame a unique shape and figure to the silhouette. in addition to the already massive tire clearance, the chainstays and seat stays look boxed and feature tapered ends. knowing that those madera cranks are only mad in 175's, i can confirm that the spin clearance is up to par. this thing looks badass with all the torch marks and the special tubing.... it's only a prototype but i'm sure the people will love the minor details that it wont be a proto for long.


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