Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what's up FBM?: FBM ballista

(via fbm)
if you havent watched i love my bicycle yet, i highly reccomend you watch it in it's entirety. towards the end is where they start getting into fixed gear bikes. the ballista is in the prototype phase (in the hands of a couple of people), and will hopefully be FBM's next move. let's get this straight, this is not just a FBM sword with a freewheel- the fork is revised to be stiffer with tight turning radius, and the frame is beefed with a downtube gusset and chainstay support. the geometry also calls for a more upright position which is a key factor in endurance on the court. on the production model, there will be longer rear dropouts, and a slightly longer fork to make room for bigger tires. all in all, i'm actually quite pleased with the direction FBM is going with their fixed department; rather than going after fixed freestyle which is seeming to become a little mainstream, they opt for polo which is right up their alley.


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