Tuesday, February 1, 2011

thanks google translator: 2011 WBASE how i roll bmx

"HOW I ROLL" ROOTS from W-LINE distribution on Vimeo.
(via abovebike)
i tried translating the above bike site, but then it ended up a mess of english words so i'll just try to get the gist of it. the how i roll bmx is a throwback to early 80's bmx bikes. i was under a rock so i didnt notice they had a 2010 model. in this model the geometry is revised with bigger tubes, and minor changes to the parts that come on it. instead of straight chrome, it now come sin black, white, and candy red. what it's doing on this blog? come on, you have to admit all the era specificity is really cool and it makes you want to do this:

then you realize the song reminds you of keo's part in macaframa, then you end up going back to your fixed bike...


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