Wednesday, February 16, 2011

malakye on matt sharkey of chrome

(via malakye)
this may seem uninteresting to most, but matt is the director of marketing for chrome. if you were lucky to get your hands on the "WRENCHED" zine (which is pretty much a guide to san francisco), you might recognize his name as the creator. he's a driving force in chrome, and it's also an interesting read if you want a peek into chrome's insides. here's a little excerpt:

"There are aspects of the bike world right now, namely the fixed-gear or freesytle-fixed world, that are exactly like where skateboarding was in the mid-80s. The older and more refined surf world didn’t know what to make of skateboarding, so skateboarders went and opened their own retail stores instead of waiting for surf to catch-on. Similarly, the much older and more conservative cycling industry hasn’t known what to do about or with the fixed-gear world so people who are into that have created their own scene as well. Their own shops, their own magazines, their own brands, etc. Beyond that isolated example, however, the industries are very similar in their structure in terms of distribution and methodology."

check it out.


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