Monday, February 7, 2011

hella swag surfin: jakob and squeeks for resist

jakob shot this over to me- it's an edit featuring him and squeeks. there was a shit ton of edits that dropped today, but as 14 bike co said, most of it was stuff we've seen before. and i hate to say it, but theyre right- we've seen 180s and stair drops in all their variations. regarless of that, both of these dudes got 3's down and are pretty much tearing shit up. thanks for the head up jakob!



Unknown said...

So we have seen it before... so what?!? Jakob still kills it, even if we see the same tricks in 5 videos. It is just showcasing what the riders can do. With out people putting stuff out, there will be no progression. Let the kids make videos!

J.mika'ele said...

yeah i know, i think it was because 14 bike co said it i kinda believed them... but then again, that day was a really good day for fixed freestyle edits. i'm just waiting for the homie jakob to do that backflip...