Monday, February 7, 2011

"14 bike co called us dicks!": imd in SF

"next up the iMiNUSD team riding SF. To be honest I’m pretty bored by most of it, seems like
people have really gotten into the fixed freestyle footage formula: 180s on/off something.
Barspins on/off something. Double Peg grinds. BORING, get creative you dicks.

imd's response via facebook: "14Bikeco just called us a bunch of 'dicks' haha. That's awesome!!"

honestly, i see where theyre coming from, but i dont see it in this particular edit. i mean come on... anthony's no handed tuck? slum doing...everything? matt's 180 to fake drop, and that epic drop. 14bikeco, that was kinda mean- there are bangers in this! bay area, fuck yeah!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry but try and read it again, I think the comment being made was about the scene in general and the 'dicks' thing obviously wasn't a spiteful remark aimed directly at these particular riders

and also check the original post, it sings the praise of Matt Reyes (slummy) and Matt Montoya... whatever